88022 & Beltane World Takeover

This is a multidimensional video telling the Tale of the New World Order Takeover during the Beltane Occult celebrations April 19-May 1, 2018. We highlight it by our past video of the 88022 Trump false flag and how with 88 days that lead to the last occult sacrifice on Oct. 1. This Movie shows the next 88 connection to the Last days by the Occult in between the 1st two blood moons of the Last triple in the 9th and final Perfect Tetrad before Jesus return. Then as proof we add a strange phenomenon that exists that most people don’t understand and that is in Gods universe history repeats as Mark Twain said it rhymes. Here we compare the life of Daniel from 2854-2924 70 years to the Maccabean Revolt of 167-163BC to the Bar Kochba revolt to 139 AD and finally connection the Dots to the Beltane Occult celebration during April 19- May 1, 2018(see the 911 connection). The amazing connections lead us to conclude that the whole last days may be concluded sometime after Jan 21, 2019 with the final Blood Moon of the last triple. Many of these predictions will seem far-fetched but we believe we have studied the enemy and know many of his secrets ie Flat Earth, Blue Blood symbols versus Red Blood of Christ symbols. Finally we conclude this with a teaser about the secrets God has revealed about the Universe i.e. Earth expansion over Aeons, etc. God Bless Pray that you can be found to be worthy we strongly recommend any of our tributes.


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