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The Suns Speed When Combined with Hebrew Gematria Reveals Many Mystery Truths of the Last Days


1942 and 1500 killed reminds me of the 88022 and the 58 killed on Oct. 1, 2017

Here you will see an amazing connection of the Gods hidden numbers given in the year of 1942. The Masons know the earth is flat and worship numbers like 322, 88, 22 and 42, 266 , 19 etc. We try to show you that we have discovered the numbers are blatanly used like the 1500 the size of New Jerusalem. We first learned this in our 88022 series of messages where we saw the worshipof the sun and moon making symbols of the 8 in the sky. ie 88. We know see the same deception taking place to get us in to world war 2 using the numbers 82, 42, 19, 1500 all relevant if you understand the flat earth. Only takes 3 random videos and you will see the fake moon landing and the Globe deception everywhere…Masons are not the only people who can understand God’s Sacred Geometry. Squaring the circle answers so many issues. It explains the expansions of the earth from the Giza pyramid without capstone until the full size of the earth 7920 in radius and even up to the 54450 Radius of Gods final Firmament and the Throne of God. If you Don’t understand a circle has a diameter and times pi = the circumference of the circle= X if you take that X and divide by 4 that gives you the side length of the square with the same perimeter measurement as the circle thus squaring the circle…