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If you do not know about the end times then you might want to spend a few days here in our archived studies learning what has been going on while you were working and driving home… lots of education means you may not be deceived in the upcoming crisis of Jacobs Trouble…

12th Imam_Christianity vs Muslim

13 Steps of Biblical Progression of the END TIMES

America “The Great Babylon” is being Destroyed Day by Day by its Lawmakers and President

America The Great Babylon

America’s Collapse and Antichrist Rise to Power.

Americas Decline is coming this year with a climax in September

Apostate American Church Bill Gates Control Rice Bit Coin Issues Complete Understanding of Gold

Damascus Prophecies

Ebola Cure is Natural and Easy_NWO Agenda

Evolution and Humanism Satans main tools to Rule the World Evolution Study

Family Spiritual Warfare in Philippines

February Current Events and Seat of Satan Images with Logos

February current events_connect the dots

Financial Analysis of SDR this May will include Chinese Won in more dominiance

Financial Analysis of SDR_Chinese Won may Dominate

Five End Time Wars Psalm 83 ,and Gog Magog War, Babylon,Damascus Destroyed, Armageddon

G7 and BRICS NWO Study

German wings flight sabotage How American Can Beat Back Obama and NWO

How Pervasive is the 666 in our Society

Iglesia Ni Cristo & Illuminati (Philippine Issue)

Invasion of Texas is Imminent Latter Days Study

March 20,2015 Solar Eclipse and Super Moon Study martyrdom study

Master Number Study 3

Numbers Significance Contrasted NWO and Bible

NWO False Flags Isis with Obama Addendum

One World Religion Over Population Philippines for the End Times

Pope Francis Race War_s False Flag

Republicans and Democrats are to Blame

Seat of Satan_Pergamos

Testimony and Narrated End Times Scenario March 3,2015

The Place of Refuge During Tribulation_pdf

Trillionaire-Macro Economics Images with Logo Who is Barrack Hussein Obama

Yemen War_Hidden in Plain Sight