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Nameofthelord777 Ministry- Bohol Adventure March 4 and 5, 2017

Nameofthelord777 Ministry- Bohol Adventure March 4 and 5, 2017


Welcome to Nameofthelord777 Ministry. This is our Oasis of Christ’s Children Ministry located in Mandaue, Philippines Trip to the Island of Bohol Philippines. In order to Go the children had to earn points by scripture memorization, attendance at Saturday Ministry Teachings, Games of Bible Nature, Showing Godly Character etc. We attempt with God’s guidance to disciple these young people in the signs of the Last Days we are living in. ie Tetrad, Basic Bible Knowledge, Scriptures relevant to the last day like Matt. 24, Dan. 12:12,Joel 2:31, Bible Numerology based on Gematria, Flat Earth wisdom given by God, and Fun game, Did i mention fun these kids may be poor  financially but they are rich in their love for Jesus  will have a great mansion in heaven as they look for the soon return of Jesus!!!  We are a self funded ministry and only as for your wisdom in the last days as all wax cold and Mockers and Scoffers that won’t be in heaven abound…Mark and Grace Pray a Blessing on these kids and look forward to seeing them in the New Jerusalem

OPHIR is Philippines Decoded